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Client Background

The client is a leading manufacturer of analytical chemistry solutions that addressed the separation and purification challenges faced by healthcare researchers worldwide. With chromatography at the heart of their operations, the client innovated products that are used across clinical testing, environmental safety, drug discovery and development, food safety as well as vaccine research.

Catering to industrial, government, and academic laboratories, the client aimed to streamline operations through technology. At the heart of their mission was the legacy desktop application, an existing application meant to simplify the daily tasks of their lab tech leads and lab technicians.


The legacy desktop application, built on the outdated Visual Basic 6, faced a multitude of issues. The lack of technical support for Visual Basic 6, the absence of a code base, and the presence of an on-premise database created a technological bottleneck that held the client’s team back from using the full potential of their process.

Additionally, the application grappled with the daunting task of navigating through a vast volume of product data – over 2 million records – during searches. The challenge was clear: evolve the legacy desktop application to meet modern standards and provide a consistent, efficient platform for daily operations.

Key Solution

Xoriant charted a strategic course to address these challenges. Leveraging their existing desktop application as a foundation, we opted to design and implement a new web application. The desktop application had other business integrations like Chromeleon and AX system to update column test data to the application. Xoriant designed and implemented a web application like their legacy app to allow their users to perform their business operations without disruption.

This solution would not only alleviate the issues posed by Visual Basic 6 but also enhance the user experience for lab teams. We also designed the web application using the Canvas app to streamline crucial operations such as pre-column packaging, post-column packaging, and recipe development. Embracing a no-code low-code approach ensured accessibility and user-friendly navigation. We also implemented robust security by leveraging Azure AD to deliver user verification and multi-factor authentication capabilities for access.

Business Outcomes

The impact of Xoriant’s initiative was transformative. Reverse engineering Visual Basic 6 yielded essential code snippets, laying the groundwork for a seamless transition to the new web application. The result was a platform that not only replicated the functionalities of the legacy desktop application but surpassed them in terms of speed and efficiency. The impact of our re-platforming initiative resulted in the following business benefits for the client:

  • Efficient Material Packaging: The enhanced data search mechanism facilitated quicker identification of material volume and type from over 2 million records, streamlining the process of material packaging.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Automation capabilities and a streamlined interface led to heightened productivity among lab tech leads and lab technicians.
  • Swift Maintenance Processes: : The transition to the new application streamlined maintenance, making it faster and more manageable, reducing downtime and enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Simplified Data Exchange: Streamlined data exchange processes with key stakeholders, including car dealers, battery producers, and logistics users to promote an efficient and interconnected network.
  • Seamless Access: : The web application provided seamless access to the new platform, ensuring a smooth transition for users accustomed to the legacy app.

Beyond immediate gains, the re-platforming initiative streamlined maintenance processes, making them faster and more manageable. The client had not merely overcome a technological hurdle; they experienced seamless operations, positioning themselves for continued success and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of analytical chemistry.

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