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Porting Mobile Game to Desktop Using Steam

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Porting Mobile Game to Desktop Using Steam

Porting Mobile Game to Desktop using Steam

Developed the desktop version of a story based mobile gaming app using Steam platform with controller/multiple language support developed for one of the video game company.

Key Requirements

Porting the existing iOS/Android game to Microsoft Windows Desktop environment which included :

  • Developing of the game launcher to configure the game settings in a wizard mode.
  • Providing support for game achievements to unlock different levels of the game increasing the complexity of game play and progress through the game story.
  • Enable a global appeal by providing support in multiple languages. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Implemented the game launcher using QT which allows the user to map the keyboard/game controller, select the language and configure the game settings.
  • Developed Steam Achievements for persistence, game achievements and tracking user statistics.
  • Provided support in multiple languages (including EFIGS, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese). Know More >>

Key Benefits

  • Increased the target market to 75 million users due to introduction of Steam and controller support.
  • Improved the geographic market reach as the game could be played through seven different languages across the globe. Know More >>

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