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Customer Management Portal Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Customer Management Portal

Customer Management Portal Case Study

Reduced 30% of implementation time by developing an easy to use customer management portal that addresses and administers the ad management requirements of its target customers such as advertisers, buyers, and publishers effectively.

Key Requirements

  • Develop the customer management portal, with Ad management modules for features like data matching, ad quality, ad reach, and other related to advertisement systems
  • Provide a configuration interface for managing the advertisement accounts
  • Ensure effcient collation and categorization of information pertaining to attributes such as brand, genre, creative type, and language of the registered advertisement. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Analysis, design, and development of the customer management portal modules, along with the integration of specific attributes for the respective dashboards
  • Use of Python with Django framework for rapid development of the portal modules, elimination of repetitive tasks, and better quality of dashboards
  • Integration of open standard application layer “advanced message queuing protocol” for reliability, routing, queuing, security, and message orientation Know More >>


  • Enabled the client to manage all backend processes in a more effective manner, reducing errors and time by more than 30%
  • Enabled the client to manage over 20,000 accounts of their target customers, about 300% more than other similar portal. Know More >>

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