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Microsoft Dynamics 365-Based SaaS Application Development

Xoriant Marketing
Product Engineering

Client Background

  • Our client develops the #1 cloud-based chemical classification and inventory management solution endorsed by the International Code of Council (ICC). 
  • However, the client’s existing application was Windows-based, difficult to use, non-responsive and lacked essential features.

Xoriant Solution

  • The client chose Xoriant as its technology partner for application development using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Xoriant brings two decades of a technology partnership with Microsoft, over 500+ Microsoft Technology Experts who facilitate enterprises to use Microsoft Azure effectively.
  • We transformed the Windows-based application to a SaaS-based responsive web application developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with multi-browser and multi-device support.
  • Enabled role-based access control to ensure restricted system access to authorized web users.

Key Benefits

  • Increased sales conversion by 64% with the help of the new web-based application.
  • Secured application accessibility with email authentication to licensed users.


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