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Xoriant Case Study for Digital Analytics Suite Development

Xoriant Marketing
Product Engineering

Client Background

  • Our client is a global professional services leader with businesses in insurance broking and risk management. The client leveraged data, technology, and analytics to help reduce their customers’ costs associated with risks.
  • However, the client’s data collection and maintenance processes were manual. Data collection being labor-intensive and error-prone impacted end-to-end reporting with ineffective data visualization.

Xoriant Solution

  • The client chose Xoriant as its technology partner to achieve data-driven execution considering our extensive data management, advanced analytics, data science experience. Our data engineering experts helped the client in the analytics suite development using MEAN stack, big data engineering, AWS Services, Tableau and UI/UX design. 
  • Built a scalable, differentiated client-facing suite enabling data analytics and visualization solution using Angular, Node.js, Tableau, Hive-MongoDB, AWS Cloud

Key Benefits

  • Improved process efficiency by eliminating redundant manual data collection and data cleansing activities.

  • Achieved zero manual efforts in data maintenance for some cases.

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