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Investment Management Portal

Xoriant Marketing
Investment Management Portal

Investment Management Portal

Xoriant has built an online advisory portal for its client’s employees to select and invest in retirement plans which were facilitated with 401(k) interfaces that enhanced overall acceptance of the portal by making it compatible with desktop, mobiles and tablets.

Key Requirements

  • Migrate the existing application from Python and Django to Ruby on Rails.
  • Redesign the existing website to make it responsive, the layout should be compatible with desktop, mobile and tab browsers.
  • Connect with the 401 (k) providers APIs.Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Created a new administrative portal for the client to edit database objects, user data, and view user profile from the admin page using GIT open source distributed control system.
  • Connected web based application to centralized database using the available APIs.
  • Developed a module where a client can sign a PDF, by integrating electronic signature feature using RightSignature API.Know More >>


  • Reduced user redundancy by 100% with an administrative panel to keep track of the database and user profiles.
  • Enhanced the performance by 80% of the portal by migrating it to latest version of Ruby on Rails, and by adding Schwab API, as in the first version the site was static and was not connected to any third part API. Know More >>

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