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IaC Speeds App Deployment and Streamlines DevOps for Fintech ISV

Xoriant Marketing
IAC Speeds App Deployment and Streamlines DevOps for Fintech ISV - Xoriant Case Study

Client Background 

  • A global leader in financial technology solutions offering simplified payment systems across geographies and industries wanted to find a better solution to manual deployment of environments in the application pipeline, while still ensuring uniform policies, governance and compliance.
  • The existing pipeline presented several problems, including vendor lock-in, lack of transparency in several key phases, and the inability to support industry-standard integrations.

Xoriant Solution

  • Proposed an architecture that provided a transparent workflow with visibility and complete control of microservice versioning for the application stack across environments.
  • Designed an alternative build/deploy framework from scratch based on rigorous assessment of existing workflow and related dependencies. 
  • Built the application pipeline using industry-standard open-source tools.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled one touch deployment from Dev to Prod using one IaC for multiple environments and DevOps best practices.
  • Ensured First Time Right (FTR) changes and consistency across regions and environments using IaC principles with deployment of cloud resources code.

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