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Cloud Endpoint Security Migration Enhances Security & Operations

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background 

  • A leading provider of Loyalty Services wanted to ensure efficient service delivery and data protection, and security was their next high-priority initiative. 
  • The client faced challenges in choosing and executing the right TMDS setup and endpoint migration strategy to achieve seamless enterprise operations.

Xoriant Solution

  • Xoriant team had performed an initial technical assessment of both SaaS and Enterprise setups.
  • Based on the identified SaaS concerns and the availability of better security configurations and policies in Enterprise, Xoriant recommended an Enterprise-level setup as a superior approach in terms of migrating and managing all the endpoints securely.

Business Benefits

  • Increased visibility, management and control of all server infrastructure; 31% increase in fully managed servers.
  • Improved malware protection from 9 policies to 18 stringent policies with defined actions.

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