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Information Retrieval Chatbot Solution for a Big 4 Audit Firm

Xoriant Marketing
Product Engineering

Client Background

  • Our client is one of the Big 4 audit firms providing a wide scope of professional services to their clients
  • They wanted to build an Intelligent Agent (Chatbot) that helped field consultants to retrieve information about tools quickly and accurately from the documents processed via an extraction engine

Xoriant Solution

  • The client chose Xoriant as its technology partner for its three decades of expertise in AI/ML and engineers who blend human and machine learning capabilities such as NLP, reinforcement learning, predictive analysis to build solutions and systems
  • One of our key contributions included understanding the query of the user and map it to the right concepts in the ontology. Natural Language Understanding (NLP)

Key Benefits

  • Achieved 98.33% accurately in answering queries and guided the user to sources of more detailed information
  • Ensured easy access to several tools through organization and centralization with a handy reference

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