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Xoriant Case Study For In-Ad Purchase Application

Xoriant Marketing
In-Ad Purchase Application

In-Ad Purchase Application for a Leading Online Shopping Solutions Provider

Developed a web application and a comprehensive content management system for a leading online shopping solutions provider and enabled quick updations of products and collections and respective campaigns.

Key Requirements

  • A comprehensive content management system for quick updations of products and collections.
  • Easily customizable campaign application with a user friendly interface and seamless customer experience.
  • Tag management implementation for campaign measurement and tracking ability. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Developed a web application using Material Design and Web Components to deliver a consolidated experience across all platforms and device sizes.
  • Developed a content management system for updations of products and collections.
  • Used TweenLite and Material Design for advanced animation and enhance campaign designs for easy customization.Know More >>


  • Cross platform support assured seamless user experience on in-app purchases and witnessed increased purchases for various retailers.
  • Enhanced user experience increased the conversion rate from 0.6% to 10.5%.Know More >>

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