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Improved Inquiry Platform With Enhanced Automation

Xoriant Marketing
Product Engineering

Client Background

  • Our client is one of the Big Four auditors and leading providers of professional services in the area of risk, financial services, business advisory, internal audit, corporate governance and tax and regulatory services
  • Xoriant’s expertise was needed to address and resolve the performance issues with the dashboard and the communication module of the inquiry platform

Xoriant Solution

  • Xoriant helped the client to develop new features and improve developed features of the inquiry platform for faster processing of query requests
  • Our dashboard enhancements and newly developed inquiry application form features enabled the auditing partners to raise a new query, track it and quickly close the document verifications to proceed further with the auditing process

Key Benefits

  • Improved performance of different phases of the query process by around 60% with dashboard enhancement.
  • Minimized the time taken to fetch inquiry data and display it on the dashboard from 25-30 seconds to 7-8 seconds

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