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Harvesting Data Successfully Using Microsoft Azure Cloud

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background

As a family-owned business for 65 years, our client, a leading pioneer and industry leader in the gourmet greenhouse industry, is a North American grower and distributor of fresh produce. They specialize in greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables by introducing innovative growing techniques that enable them to produce high-quality, flavorful produce year-round.


The company faced challenges in the real-time analysis of laborer performance across different farms due to the limitations of their existing solution. This drastically impacted their decision-making and, ultimately, their crop yield.

The client’s leadership team knew optimum workforce performance rested on its ability to ensure effective data management, analysis, and reporting, which was a necessary step in their transformation.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

Since Xoriant brought deep expertise in data, IoT, and Microsoft technologies like Azure Synapse and Power BI, the client joined hands to design a solution to migrate the data from all the farms and create a data warehouse for effective, reliable reporting. 

Xoriant designed a solution to migrate data from all the farms and create a data warehouse to streamline reporting. Synapse pipelines for ETL processes pulled on-premises data from a SQL server and file server into Azure Synapse. Consolidated Power BI reports reflected the data on all labors across farms in near real-time. 

The team set up real-time alerts to detect anomalies in business processes without manual intervention. Additionally, the team created a Power BI dashboard to help the client monitor all the real-time data in one place. Enhanced reporting directly translated to higher efficiency and a bigger crop yield.

Business Benefits

The scalable solution helped the client cut down on manual tasks, increase the efficiency of its workforce, and ensure that its business processes were followed without any issues.

The high availability and low maintenance requirements of the solution slashed the operational expenditure by 60%.

The real-time alerts reduced the processing time and increased the crop yield by 20%.

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