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EAI for a Leading Lifesciences Company

Xoriant Marketing
EAI for a leading life science company

EAI For a Leading Lifesciences Company

Xoriant' incremental and reliable EAI solution enabled a bio-pharmaceutical software solutions provider to integrate legacy systems and 3rd party ERP systems without infrastructure changes.

Key Requirements

  • The client had a goal to devise an Integrated B2B solution 2.achieve Inter Enterprise Order Integration with their Suppliers.Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Xoriant in parallel has devised a prototype solution using Tibco products in their in house labs based on the needed model by the client.
  • Tibco ActiveEnterprise is used for EAI between their tailor‐made ecommerce application and the Tibco ActiveExchange Business Connect application. Know More >>


  • Xoriant deep EAI and B2B expertise enabled faster deployment, with rapid ROI.
  • Use of Xoriant Lab work helped the client realize a production solution in Demo. Know More >>

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