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Development of 18 Headless Mobile SDKs for a Global Leader

Xoriant Marketing
Product Engineering

Client Background

  • Our client has developed a multi-device (Mobile, Web & PC) Personal Cloud solution to help end-consumers backup and restore their personal data on the cloud
  • Customization of features for end consumers was tedious as the client had to do it internally by setting up dedicated teams for activities such as enabling/disabling app features manually, removing the unnecessary code, and so on

Xoriant Solution

  • Xoriant’s engagement was needed to create 18 headless SDKs having distinct business logic for smoother delivery of custom product and experience to clients and to reduce time-to-market of custom-built mobile apps for end consumers
  • One of our key contributions included modularizing code to enable clients with customization of app features such as contacts, photos, etc

Key Benefits

  • 40-50% reduction in time-to-market of the code for new customers as the app customization process time reduced with the SDKs
  • Enabled sharing of core code by encapsulating it

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