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Derivatives Support

Xoriant Marketing
Derivatives Support

Derivatives support

Xoriant provides 24x5 high-quality support for a derivatives management system delivering quick turn-around time and efficient end-customer support management

Key Requirements

  • Supporting multiple applications that involves multiple teams.
  • Turn-around of high number of support requests at the initial stage. Target was to bring it down to a single digit within a very short timeframe.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of all the various applications involved in the Derivatives suite. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Xoriant provides Product Support (support levels 1 and 3) for numerous Derivatives products suites.
  • Xoriant has proved itself in its role for Derivatives support with its strong support staff of Business Analysts, domain experts and strong technical personnel.
  • Xoriant’s support of these products initially began with a transition state of 2 months and later approached a steady state with lower cost and blended offsite/offshore delivery model. Know More >>


  • Provided high quality 24x5 support for derivatives product with a team of 1 Onsite and four offshore personnel.
  • Provided continuous, high-quality support,with performance being continuously monitored against the SLA and through ongoing dialog with Derivatives management. Know More >>

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