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Database Management & Performance Optimization

Xoriant Marketing
Database Management and Performance Optimization of an Enterprise Communication Platform

Database Management and Performance Optimization Of An Enterprise Communication Platform

Increased overall performance and usability of the web application by 40% by archiving old user data, reducing data archiving time and upgrading to Redactor editor to provide a simple, clean, smooth and an immersive user experience.

Key Requirements

  • Develop a system which will archive the old user data and all associated records
  • Develop a user interface for admin to search and select one or multiple user for data archiving
  • Develop a reverse system where admin can revert the archived data from ‘Archived Database’ to ‘Production Database’.

Key Contribution

  • Built a solution to archive the old data of size approximately equal to 50GB, clean the database for fresh use and increase the requests turnaround time by using combination of Rails Active Record and raw SQL query
  • Achieved database cleaning, improved data integrity and decreased database redundancy by writing a script to archive the production record and shift data to archived database
  • Replaced Flash based editor and upgraded it with Redactor editor and made the earlier design compatible with the latest upgrade.


  • Archived old user data and its associated records that helped in managing huge database thus improving the overall performance of the system by 20-30%.
  • Up-gradation to Redactor editor helped the client to provide a simple, clean, smooth and an immersive user experience in building the presentation / slides and this increased the usability of the Enterprise Communication platform by 50-60.

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