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Data Management and Analysis Solution for a Digital Media Client

Xoriant Marketing
Data management and analysis solution

Data Management and Analysis Solution for a Digital Media Client

Implemented scalable data warehouse for a digital media client and reduced data analysis time by 30% thus increasing the client customer base significantly.

Key Requirements

  • Implement a scalable data warehouse to handle increased number of advertisers and ad-exchange’s data.
  • Implement a data management process to Develop a complete analytics system to enable deriving insights from the received data.
  • Application development for converting their existing web based application into SOA application. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Using Oracle warehouse builder (OWB) the team designed the database(s) and data warehousing processes like ETL along with other data management jobs.
  • Cron scheduler was used for scheduling jobs that automate system maintenance and administration.
  • Database development team developed database objects, related scripts using Unix Shell scripting, development and testing of specific data warehouse processes. Adhering to the proven in-house methodologies, Xoriant team consistently maintained the data quality with minimum of 99% accuracy. Know More >>


  • New data warehouse implementation reduced the data analysis time from 20 hrs to 3 hrs.
  • Rapid analysis with accuracy led to a cost effective way of reaching to potential customers and buyers which increased the customer base significantly. Know More >>

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