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Social Peer to Peer Location-Based Marketplace

Xoriant Marketing

Social Peer to Peer Location-Based Marketplace

Designed a user friendly social peer to peer location-based marketplace application to make buying and selling items, apartment renting, etc. locally safe and easy especially among people in close vicinity, which resulted in increased reach of the app and revenues by 20%.

Key Requirements

  • Develop a user friendly interface which provides seamless user experience over multiple device sizes
  • Allow user to use social integration and sign up through Facebook/Google+/Application login
  • Provide search functionality and allow the search results to be filtered using distance and price parameters. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Developed end to end solution which includes development of backend along with client side application on Android and iOS.
  • Accelerated the development and testing time by clearly separating business logic and user interface layer. Business logic was modularized so that it can be shared among various other platforms and web.
  • Implemented a scalable solution which provided the required functionalities and enhanced server performance for large incoming data from various sources. Know More >>


  • Xoriant's ability to understand startup business model and delivery helped client secure strict timelines
  • Addition of locations increased the reach of the app and revenues by 20%. Know More >>

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