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Airplane WiFi Internet Connectivity Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Airplane WIFI Connectivity

Airplane WiFi Internet Connectivity Case Study

In-flight connectivity made available to passengers wherein they can browse and access internet through the mobile app created for Blackberry and iOs platforms.

Key Requirements

  • Building a test environment to simulate in-fl ight conditions.
  • Automatic detection and setting precedence of client network amidst all available networks.
  • Maintaining interface connectivity points with the ground based server. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant was involved in the entire SDLC process of building the native application from requirements gathering to sustaining product support.
  • Our team made special eff orts to learn about the specialized Wi-Fi equipment used by our client to be able to configure it properly to simulate the cabin based server.
  • Our team also established a secured connection between the local QA environment and client’s test simulator to facilitate near-perfect replication of in-flight conditions. Know More >>


  • Xoriant’s Smartphone App AcceleratorTM allowed the team to add the basic mobile phone functionalities in 40% less time and have more time to focus on innovative features. These Xoriant proprietary frameworks also ensure rapid development of subsequent mobile applications.
  • Xoriant’s experience in designing, developing and obtaining approval of iPhone and BlackBerry applications at their respective stores significantly accelerated our client’s timelines. Know More >>

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