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Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Accelerators: Speed Time to Big Data and Analytics

Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

Having solved big data challenges for many clients, we have built our own IP; these technologies serve as accelerators, enabling us to solve your challenges more efficiently. That doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-none approach; it simply means that we’re being as efficient as possible when we build solutions for you, drawing from and mashing up leading industry tools, niche solutions, open source technologies and our own IP. Our accelerators provide a rich set of built-in device ready, technology agnostic functions to give you a head start toward uncovering the insights that will help your business stay competitive.

Our Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Tools and Accelerators

 Data Ingestion Framework

Data Ingestion Framework - Efficiency and Accuracy for Your Big Data

Helps customers move data from relational and unstructured data sources to Big Data platforms (Hadoop and NoSQL) Our platform provides a proven, established pathway to optimize data migration, storage, structure, security and performance analytics.



  • Highly scalable platform to load data from RDBMS & Data Queues and Unstructured Sources to Big Data
  • Support for detection of change data for incremental extraction
  • Job Workflows for parallel execution and scheduling


Advanced Analytics Platform

Advanced Analytics Platform - Deep Insights with Sophistication

Xoriant Advanced Analytics Platform is a data analysis tool with sophisticated data modeling and automation capabilities including machine learning to generate deep insights. Make sense of the huge volumes of data for accelerating analytics and proliferating business drivers to discover profound insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.



  • Rapidly enable sophisticated data analytics.
  • Gain useful new insights on discrete initiatives.
  • Receive full life-cycle support, from sandbox to deployment.
  • Securely publish data sets for online collaboration.
  • Expedite mod
Data Management Framework

Data Management Framework - High Performance and Nimble

XMDMF is an end-to-end product for maintaining standard BFSI master data entities. Xoriant DMF is a flexible data management accelerator that can be used to rapidly  develop high performance data backend/management solutions for your specific needs


Key benefits are -

  • Speeds up solution development cycle
  • Works with structured or unstructured data and combines them for insights
  • Works On prem, in public cloud or in a hybrid cloud footprint fashion
  • Built for high performance
  • Works with open source OR  licensed software (can save license dollars)
  • Helps optimize spend on expensive database licenses

NLPro – A NLP & Text Analytics Platform

Xoriant NLPro is a natural language-based automation platform to extract and analyze relevant information from documents. As data grows and business demands better insights, we’ve helped clients integrate multiple tools, techniques, and approaches to build powerful text analytics solutions.



  • Continuously improves accuracy and efficiency through machine learning
  • Dramatically reduces manual effort required to process text-based information
  • Reduces errors caused by manual processing
  • Provides new insights through analytics of text-based information
  • Highly customizable to your specific business process
Visualization Framework

Visualization Framework - Data Driven for Real Time Decisions

XVF is an Angular- and D3-based data-driven framework that quickly creates stunning visualizations for your data. Our visualization team performs an organization-wide assessment of your existing data and business requirements in order to recommend visualization strategies. We create a framework to integrate BI tools with big data in order to extract the most intelligence from any given data set.



  • Quick data-driven charts
  • Query directly from data sources
  • Reuse your code for deriving result sets
  • Integration with web and mobile platforms
  • Visualize the data through stunning interactive charts
  • Enhanced APIs adapt to different data sets and formats
Smart Capture

Smart Capture - Automating Paper-Based Business Processes

Xoriant Smart Capture intuitively helps transform your paper-based business processes by leveraging best of breed Microsoft Azure OCR platform. For documents such as contracts, invoices, articles of incorporation, filed reports, lab results, and certificates, it converts unstructured data, text embedded in images (including tables, nested tabled, key-value pairs) to unstructured attributes. Xoriant Smart Capture is built using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to classify and recognize text and textual constructs in documents / images / scanned copies, etc. This information can be stored in structured databases and analyzed using various tools to produce trending dashboards and reporting.



  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Enable quick decision-making with actionable data

Speak with a Xoriant Technical Architect About These Frameworks

Speak with a Xoriant Technical Architect About These Frameworks

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