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Seventh time recognition highlights our continued focus on enhanced employee experiences to realize collective success

Sunnyvale, CA, Mumbai, India, May 14, 2024 – Xoriant, a ChrysCapital company that engineers modern technology platforms, is proud to announce its seventh year certification as a 'Great Place to Work' company. The recognition attests Xoriant’s continued focus on creating a 360° culture of employee wellbeing, prioritizing professional and personal development while realizing sustainable growth for individual and collective success. From the survey conducted across global offices, a resounding majority of Xoriant’s employees in India and US agree that they feel respected, proud, credible and experience camaraderie and fairness when they belong at Xoriant.

Great Place to Work® has been a globally acknowledged authority on workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention and increased innovation.

Reflecting on the achievement, Krupa NS, CHRO at Xoriant, expressed, “Together, we are proud to build a diverse and empowering workplace culture of ‘Imagination Realized’, where our employees feel purpose-driven and passionate about creating value for customers, peers, partners, and society. In an era driven by ESG, DEI, and GenAI, we continue to provide an ecosystem that promotes holistic employee experiences, inclusivity, well-being, and career growth opportunities at all levels. This allows every individual to innovate, thrive, and grow collaboratively.”

Over the past year, Xoriant has demonstrated significant expansion and strategic acquisition to enhance its capabilities, with the intent to better serve clients and provide opportunities at scale for its people. Xoriant aims to leverage strong economic growth to bolster talent acquisition in high-demand technology skill sets and engineering roles. Thereby positioning itself as a global leader and delivering maximum value, while expanding globally, building capabilities, and welcoming new talent, all to better serve its customers and remain the preferred technology partner and employer of choice.

About Xoriant

Xoriant is a Sunnyvale, CA headquartered platform engineering firm with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. From tech startups to Fortune 100 Enterprises, we enable innovation, accelerate time to market, and ensure client competitiveness across industries. Across all our focus areas – platform engineering, cloud, data and security – every solution we develop benefits from our product engineering mindset and a culture of innovation. We also lead with pre-built framework components and accelerators for efficiently solving critical client challenges. For 30+ years, we have taken great pride in the deep relationships we have with our clients. For further information about Xoriant, please visit

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