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Sunnyvale, California, May 7, 2024 Xoriant, a ChrysCapital company that engineers modern technology platforms, today announced its achievement of the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization. This accreditation is a significant milestone in Xoriant’s journey to deliver modern analytics solutions with Microsoft.

As a Data & AI Solutions Partner, Xoriant has demonstrated deep expertise and extensive experience in planning and implementing analytics solutions within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. With this specialization, the company is poised to empower organizations to leverage their data assets effectively, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable growth. "The Analytics on Microsoft Azure specialization exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality analytics solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients," says Kimber Chevalier, Director of Alliances at Xoriant. "This accreditation reaffirms our expertise in leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to drive transformative outcomes for businesses of all sizes, particularly in the realm of Analytics." By leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks, Xoriant stands ready to help organizations realize the full potential of their data and embark on a journey of digital transformation, using Generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies.

"Advanced Specializations matter because they signify excellence, trustworthiness, and specialized expertise-essential qualities for partners and customers alike. Earning the Analytics on Azure Advanced Specialization further demonstrates Xoriant's commitment to developing solutions using sophisticated tools and techniques that surpass traditional business intelligence capabilities. Microsoft relies on our partners, like Xoriant, to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more", says John Yurewicz, Microsoft Partner Development Manager for Xoriant.

In addition to this, Xoriant also holds Solution Partner Designations in Digital and App Innovation, Data and AI, Security and Infrastructure further solidifying its position as a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure. Read more about the Xoriant relationship with Microsoft here.

About Xoriant

Xoriant is a Sunnyvale, CA headquartered platform engineering firm with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. From Tech Startups to Fortune 100 Enterprises, we enable innovation, accelerate time to market, and ensure client competitiveness across industries. Across all our focus areas – platform engineering, cloud, data and security – every solution we develop benefits from our product engineering mindset and a culture of innovation. We also lead with pre-built framework components and accelerators for efficiently solving critical client challenges. For 30+ years, we have taken great pride in the deep relationships we have with our clients. For further information about Xoriant, please visit

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