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Maximize Product Value. From Ideation to End-of-Life or Modernization to Extension!

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How much time and money do you invest across a product’s lifetime? Right, then why wouldn’t you extend its value if it increased your ROI? The math works when you employ Xoriant expertise and resources ­ from co-ideation to ongoing product optimization to end-of-life extension and support. Our engineers regularly assess, update and optimize products deemed extensible, and provide sustenance and end-of-life engineering services. We support bug fixes, maintain the code base, provide custom enhancements and UX modernization so your team can work on that great new app.

Our Product Support, Sustenance and Lifecycle Extension Services

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Global Market for Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Global Market

The product lifecycle services global market is driven by the growing focus on disruptive product innovation and the need to extend the life of a product with continuous innovation.

Source: Global Industry Analysts Report

Product lifecycle services projected to reach US$ 65.8 billion by 2022.

The Revolution of Product Lifecycle

Revolution-Product Lifecycle

Software product lifecycle management is undergoing big changes. Now it’s all about Industry 4.0, customer experiences, rapid implementations, and cross-platform integration capabilities.

The right PLS can help businesses mature and grow their products faster.

Extend Product Lifetime ROI

Product Lifetime Extension

Simply put, your organization probably needs a partner with product sustenance expertise to help identity which products will return the most profits if they undergo modernization, re-engineering or other tactics to extend their lifetime market value.

Are mature products presenting unique challenges for you and your customers?

Ecosystems Can Boost Profits

Product Ecosystems

Product sustenance requires an innovation-led approach and delivery excellence. Tech companies should leverage a robust ecosystem, centers of excellence, and process accelerators and frameworks to support continuous innovation, increased customer satisfaction and lower TCO.

Drive revenue by revitalizing mature products with the help of ecosystems.

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Case Study
Case Study

Created an architecture that is scalable to two or three orders of magnitude growth.

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Many well-managed software companies are leveraging external specialized services vendors to carry on the support and sustain their end-of-life products while focusing their own resources on developing and supporting their newer versions.

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Undoubtedly, with multiple features in .NET Core over the .NET framework, organizations should weigh the benefits and risks before porting to .NET Core.