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Xoriant on Demand Storage Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Cloud & Infrastructure Case Study

Xoriant On Demand Storage Case Study

Xoriant developed an on-demand file storage solution along with pay-as-you-use billing model for enterprise customers of a file storage and collaborative services technical giant.

Key Requirements

  • Providing rich user experience by leveraging some of the Web 3.0 features and the new APIs
  • Incorporating high user and product level security into the product
  • Providing users with a server sync feature to map files on their hard drive to the product. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Developed a full-fledged Web 2.0 based content management solution with some Web 3.0 based features which allow seamless desktop-web backups
  • Implemented a robust and scalable UI using framework libraries like Backbone and Marionette
  • Provided single sign on integration with Identity Provider using SAML 2.0. Know More >>


  • Incorporating several user centric features and leveraging the new technology advancements enabled development of a feature rich and popular product
  • 24x7 support operations enabled client to provide support to its global customers round the clock, improving customer satisfaction. Know More >>

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