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Client Background

The client, a renowned American fashion label, had established itself as a leading clothing brand with a global presence. With an expansive reach, delivering products to over 75 countries and selling in more than 700 shops worldwide, the client used Microsoft's D365 platform to power its operations. As the company expanded, the need to optimize processes and harness cutting-edge testing techniques became crucial to minimize bugs and maximize efficiency of the order management system on D365. The client was using manual testing and lacked structured QA functional testing as well as a lack of negative testing resulting in bug leakage.

Xoriant Contribution | Key Solutions

Facing the challenge of automating continuous integration, continuous deployment, and innovative testing, the client sought Xoriant’s expertise for its track record of building impactful technology solutions. Xoriant's QA COE team of skilled DevOps and QA professionals proposed an automated integration, deployment, and testing strategy aligned with the client's objectives. The key contributions made by Xoriant included:

A Robust Automation Framework

We designed and implemented a robust automation framework that seamlessly integrated with the client's continuous integration and deployment processes. This slashed manual efforts by half and accelerated the delivery of new features and updates.

Managing Development Environments, Migration and Cost Optimization on Azure Cloud

We empowered the management of development environments on Azure Cloud, enabling developers to work efficiently and collaboratively. This streamlined the development workflow and improved productivity. By conducting a comprehensive assessment, we identified and decommissioned redundant Azure resources, leading to a remarkable reduction in cloud-related costs. This cost optimization allowed the client to allocate resources more effectively.

An Excellent Testing Strategy

We formulated an effective testing strategy covering functional and integration testing requirements. We implemented DevOps test plans to enhance test execution, reporting, and bug identification. The testing process was further strengthened with multiple regression cycles. We also added test plans in DevOps for regressions, creating test suites that ultimately led to reduction in bug leakage by over 10%.

Business Benefits

Xoriant's strategic solutions brought about significant improvements for the client:

Streamlined Continuous Integration and Deployment

The automation of continuous integration and deployment processes improved overall project efficiency and bridged the gap between operations and development teams. This resulted in quicker and smoother deliveries of new features and updates.

Substantial Cost Optimization

By optimizing Azure Cloud resources, Xoriant achieved a substantial reduction in cloud-related costs. These cost savings allowed the client to invest in other critical areas of their business

Enhanced Development Platform

With the establishment of managed development environments on Azure Cloud, developers experienced seamless collaboration and increased productivity.

Improved Product Testing

Xoriant's testing strategy led to improved test coverage, reliability, and a reduction in bug leakage. This positively impacted the overall quality of the client's products. In conclusion, through the strategic implementation of DevOps and cloud technologies, Xoriant empowered the client to thrive in the ever-evolving fashion industry. The agile automation and optimized testing methodologies not only reduced bugs and enhanced product quality but also brought substantial cost savings and increased operational efficiency. This collaboration exemplifies how innovative technology solutions can drive success and growth in the competitive world of fashion.

Technology Stack

Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud, D365, Azure Integrations, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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