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Xoriant Case Study For Security Center of Excellence & DevSecOps

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background

  • Our client is a leading loyalty and customer engagement solutions company serving millions of consumers through their solutions and partner programs
  • The client had acquired multiple small loyalty businesses that dealt customer critical data in the AWS cloud environment. However, the acquired companies lacked a consistent security standards & procedure

Xoriant Solution

  • The client engaged Xoriant for security assessments of their IT environment, build security solutions and services and be a part of their Security Center of Excellence (COE) team
  • Xoriant was the chosen technology partner performing extensive cyber security assessments in the clientÔÇÖs global customer engagement platform

Key Benefits

  • 20% reduction in capital and operational expenditure using services built on cloud serverless technology
  • 90% improvement in TAT using automated and secured access grant/revoke

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