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Table of Content Business / Functionality Objective Communication Protocol The Solution Development & Deployment Environment Key Success Points OUR CLIENT USED XORIANT ODC FOR MIGRATING ATLAS FOR SUN SOLARIS Our client’s businesses encompass a broad range of financial services asset management, banking and consumer finance, credit and charge cards, insurance, investments, investment banking and trading and use diverse channels to make hem available to consumer and corporate customers around the world. Our client is largely organized into five groups. BUSINESS / FUNCTIONALITY ATLAS is a UNIX based clearance system that currently receives/ settles trades with securities that are DTC primary. ATLAS provided online clearance and settlement functionality for trades, including processing of outgoing instructions for segregation loc kups, releases and RAD (Receiver Authorized Delivery) approvals. ATLAS also provides online stock record. ATLAS settled all DTC-eligible securities including equities, corporate, municipal bonds, units and warrants, asset-backed securities, auction and tender rate preferred stock and notes, and several other security types. It is multi-entity but currently only supports SSB. Xoriant received the contract for ATLAS project, which has one amongst the first applications that our client had decided to migrate. Hence, Xoriant was accepted as a partner for Migration who could also bring in significant technology, process and quality assurance expertise in the software application development space. OBJECTIVE The ATLAS migration project migrated the ATLAS code from Solaris 2.5.1 to Solaris 2.8. In addition, the following upgrades/changes fell within the scope of the migration project: Upgrade Sybase from 11.9.2 to Sybase 12.5 Replace TIBCO CI server by TIBCO Rendezvous Replace CSDS package by MQ Series Replace Roguewave libraries by Source Pro Core libraries. The source code for ATLAS was contained within 13 packages. The project deliverables included the following: Documentation of test cases for batch processes, screens and regression testing Source Code for ATLAS on Solaris 2.8, along with enhancements for TIBCO CI, CSDS, and RogueWave Packaging of the ATLAS source code, as per Hermes guidelines. COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL Xoriant and our client jointly took a well-defined approach for tracking progress for successful completion. This involved the following activities: Daily Activities Technical query resolution process with defined escalation mechanism for critical queries Daily status updates to all stake holders at operations level Weekly conference calls for Progress review, Issue resolution & Next plans Monthly management reviews THE SOLUTION Xoriant Offshore Development Center in Mumbai, India set up a dedicated development and testing team for our client that focused on the migration and enhancements, evaluation and feasibility of all the technology and functionality and Quality assurance - ensuring quality of the product. Xoriant, being a CMM Level 4 company followed a set of guidelines to ensure quality. Xoriant tracked the bugs density with the help of the web based tool. This also helped to set goals for the quality of the project delivery and program managing the overall product engineering processes. The highlights of Xoriant’s solution included: Delivering a migrated application that worked functionally similar to the existing production application. There was no performance degradation in migrated application. Packaging of the ATLAS source code, as per Hermes guidelines The client and its customers have benefited greatly from the use of Xoriant software development methodology and processes. The use of web based Xoriant’s Knowledge Management repository, Active Communities, had been the key to ensuring 24x7 access to all project documents including status reports, issue logs, escalation issues and data conversion templates. This had been particularly important for remote users enabling them to communicate in real time with local team. Xoriant not only brought the requisite technical understanding to the project, but significant market expertise as well. Xoriant and our client worked together for a mutual result and our client team involvement was encouraged at every phase, giving users the hands-on preparation and exposure they’d need for postimplementation success. This was a demanding & rapid development situation. The commitment and expertise of the Xoriant India team was a major factor in this achievement. DEVELOPMENT & DEPLOYMENT ENVIRONMENT C/C++ using Forte 6.2, Xwindows, XMotif, Rogue Wave libraries, Source Pro Core TIBCO CI / RV Sun Solaris 2.5.1 / 2.8 Sybase v 11.9.2 / 12.5 KEY SUCCESS POINTS The client had realized a number of benefits, including: Access to large technical pool of resources Rapid development and deployment Standardized & matured development methodologies Cost Effective solution.

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