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Table of Content Business Scenario Challenges Solution Tools & Technologies Key Success Points BUSINESS SCENARIO Our client’s businesses encompass a broad range of financial services asset management, banking and consumer finance, credit and charge cards, insurance, investments, investment banking and trading and use diverse channels to make them available to consumer and corporate customers around the world. The group has a huge global presence including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, America, Latin America, Mexico and Japan. Our client is largely organized into five business groups. A Fortune 50 bank is implementing a third party application for mutual fund accounting at one of the business groups. The 3 Party Fund Accounting Application is completely multi-currency, multi-language, multi-compliance and real-time. The system is very rapid and supports very large volumes. Its mission critical architecture and use of leading-edge industry standard development tools ensure almost limitless scalability. Extensive use of user-definable parameters guarantees continuity of operations in a developing environment and adaptability to various country legislations. CHALLENGES Detailed task planning for optimum resource utilization, communication between onsite/offshore team & risk management considering the project complexity. Minimizing the learning curve on domain of the 3 Party application SOLUTION Xoriant setup a team with a combined strength of individual technological expertise, domain knowledge of Funds Accounting as well as considerable experience of working on Unix deployment environment Xoriant utilized its existing stable and secure infrastructure to establish VPN connectivity Xoriant deployed on-site test lead to act as a bridge between customer and the offshore development team, to facilitate the execution of tasks as well as take advantage of time zone difference Xoriant deployed on-site business analyst to understand the functional requirements and provide the domain knowledge to the offshore test automation team Xoriant implemented CMM level 4 processes during the entire project execution cycle, which included regular project audits to ensure compliance Peer reviews, peer testing, and scope definition, was done on a regular basis to accommodate updates in the project task-lists TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Mercury Interactive’s Test Director TIBCO CI / RV Sun Solaris 2.5.1 / 2.8 WinRunner v7.6 Windows 2000 KEY SUCCESS POINTS Reduction in the time spent by key business users on the UAT cycle Reduction in the cycle time of the UAT cycle up to 50% Creation of the test automation scripts that are data driven for scaling & maintenance Creation of the test automation scripts that are independent of location and they can be easily adapted to a new location Creation of test scripts that are standardized and consistent 15 month long relationship with 7 resources

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