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Cloud File Transfer Solution Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Cloud Migration

Cloud file Transfer Solution case study

A leading US based ISV, enabled its users to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds, while optimizing the flow of information over the Internet and maximizing network performance through a data acceleration and management solution built by Xoriant.

Key Requirements

  • Ensuring the solution is available in different flavours of Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Support individual users and also be able to be used in an organizational setup supporting multiple systems and multiple applications
  • In case of enterprise solution, data security was considered as a prime factor. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Two separate code bases were created to run as Windows service or a Linux demon on the Windows and Linux machines respectively
  • Data reliability is ensured by sending an acknowledge module which does the sampling of the packets sent and ensures that data is sent to the receiver end for transfer using UDP
  • Data security is ensured by using AES-128 and AES -256 encryption algorithms. Know More >>


  • Provided the client ‘first mover’ advantage over its competition as there was no product exclusively for accelerated data transfer available in the market
  • Product could meet the targeted the enterprise customers by providing product reliability and the security feature which became the key drivers of customer growth. Know More >>

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