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Airline Point of Sales Application Case Study

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Airline Point of Sales Applications

Airline Point of Sales Application Case Study

Mobile app providing in flight shopping experience to passengers through Point of Sale application for a global provider of onboard store technology and merchandising solutions.

Key Requirements

  • The app would pull data in reference with the products’ catalog, flight details, airline and crew information on the flight to the onboard customer.
  • The application would enable the flight attendant to identify a passenger from the aircraft’s seatmap visually.
  • The app would provide online payment of all types (credit, debit, and coupons e.t.c) to offer seamless and easy user experience for the flight attendants while making transactions. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Application UI was designed as per iOS standards with various factors kept in mind such as usage of app during both offline and online mode and functioning of application during aircraft turbulence.
  • A feature to present the Aircraft seatmap and lay out on the tablet was incorporated with optimal use of the real estate. The seatmap description would be made available from XML files.
  • A feature to display product catalog was incorporated with a high quality responsive design to enable the flight attendant to easily browse through and search for items. Thus making the application provide a good user experience and allow flight attendants to meet customer requirements efficiently. Know More >>


  • Successful deployment of application for iOS devices supporting both iOS 7 with backward compatibility up to iOS 6.
  • The engagement has also led to opportunities for porting the application on to Android tablets as well.
  • The successful usage of Xamarin’s cross platform support capabilities enabled access to a reusable backend system, thereby reducing development time and cost. Know More >>

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