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Product Modernization to Marketplace and Beyond

Product Modernization to Marketplace and Beyond

The one-size-fits-all approach of ISVs is changing. ISVs today need to adopt and embrace new technologies to enable their customers to deliver seamless, personalized, digital-first experiences. Hence, it is imperative for ISVs to modernize their product and platforms and help their customers undergo a digital transformation.
Connected users and economy, market dynamics and the power of the internet are creating a seismic shift in the business models. Over the past few years, various industries like manufacturing, trade, banking and finance, healthcare and information services are experiencing visible trends in technology. This includes the cloudification journey, re-architecture of monolithic apps to microservices and APIs, implementation of omnichannel customer experience. The use of industrial IoTs generating real-time data is bringing a significant shift in business reporting from traditional reporting tools to big data and analytics. With this change in the industry, one of the factors that have emerged is the platform economy.
Xoriant brings to you a 60-minute webinar of a client’s journey where you will experience the best practices of modernization around platforms. Get to hear the success story from Sanjeev Jorapur, Vice President of Engineering, GetInsured of how a healthcare insurance ISV transformed from an exchange portal to a modern technology platform ensuring security, scalability & reliability through core value creation, rich customer experience, automation and cloud infrastructure management.

Highlights of the webinar:

• Key stages of a modernization journey
• Modernization trends and imperatives of a Modern technology platform
• Partnership value from a Technology Services Provider
• Lessons realized from a healthcare insurance ISV’s transformation journey


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