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Business Process Consulting

Your Digital Transformation Journey Starts Here

Thoucentric leverages digital and functional expertise in Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution, and Finance to solve challenges. Our consulting framework blends subject matter know-how, tech understanding, project management, and governance. This approach sets us apart from traditional advisors, fostering a natural advantage. Industry-seasoned partners anchor our consulting capabilities, seamlessly integrating with client teams. We navigate the problem-solving journey amidst evolving technology, collaborating with tech partners to devise strategies. Our consultants engage in end-to-end projects. Notably, Thoucentric Labs pioneers a cutting-edge digital workforce comprising data scientists, engineers, and visualization experts. This team crafts solutions for clients inclined towards self-developed point solutions. Successful product launches in demand forecasting, predictive quality, scenario planning, and commodity price forecasting attest to our adept problem-solving prowess.

Our Success Stories

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Our Services

Innovating at the Intersection of Tech and Strategy

Thoucentric' s consultants blend business acumen with deep supply chain understanding, leveraging traditional and emerging technologies like automation, AI, ML, and Big Data.
Supply Chain Management Thoucentric focuses on leveraging latest technologies including AI/ML to sense the demand and align supply to maximize value.
Sourcing Helping clients on their transformational journey with comprehensive strategies.
Digital Manufacturing Thoucentric offers solutions to closely monitor and execute supply chain strategies to achieve the end goal – creating value for all stakeholders in the value chain.
Logistics Striving for Intelligent, Automated, Transparent and Sustainable Logistics Management.

Thoucentric consultants offer solutions, advisory, and implementation support, empowering clients' transformation journey with tailored technology and data utilization, enhancing sales and distribution across varied functions.
Digital Commerce With decades of national and international expertise, our specialists provide comprehensive services including omnichannel strategy, e-commerce technology enablement, and digital marketing automation.
E-commerce Analytics Our specialists unlock business insights from vast data reserves, enabling real-time decision-making for executives. Services include sales, e-commerce, and digital marketing analytics, scalable e-commerce applications, and data strategy.
Route-to-Market Our experts provide tailored services including channel strategy, distributor and field force management, retail operations, and trade promotion solutions, catering to diverse company needs.

Finance Practice transforms processes through tech leverage, tailoring solutions for efficiency and profitability. With a customer-centric approach, we provide advisory, process consultancy, and end-to-end project support.
Financial Accounting Thoucentric' s Financial Accounting Transformation service enhances finance functions, making them strategic partners. We implement CFO vision with best practices and tech, ensuring future-ready operations.
Financial Planning and Analysis Thoucentric aligns finance users, processes, systems, and reporting for comprehensive business planning. As project managers and subject matter experts, we offer end-to-end solutions.
BFSI Tech Transformation Financial institutions need ongoing innovation to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. Through business consulting and product management, we aid in creating MVPs for competitive advantage and sustainable growth.
Governance Risk, Compliance & Financial Reporting GRC equips organizations to act with integrity, manage uncertainty, and achieve goals reliably. Our team excels in regulatory frameworks (e.g., FCTC, TPD), and InExto Suite deployment for secure distribution.

Digital's techno-functional experts possess domain understanding, collaborating seamlessly with businesses to convert challenges into analytical problem statements.
Applied Research Our researchers innovate with available data, crafting insights and enabling data-driven decisions. With diverse expertise, they specialize in predictive analytics, AI, computer vision, NLP, and scalable solution implementation.
Business Analytics Thoucentric' s Business Analytics team crafts solutions pinpointing customer successes, enhancing efficiency, revenue, or cost reduction. Leveraging AI/ML, optimization, and data engineering, we solve diverse business problems. We also offer frameworks to assess the most effective approach for customer success.
Data Science Thoucentric' s data science team tackles intricate business challenges, using algorithms to drive insights for decision-making. We prioritize client value through predictive analytics, recommender systems, and more across various domains.
DW/BI Thoucentric' s data warehousing and BI team facilitates agile access to structured Data Storage Warehouses, enhancing performance and delivering fast, accurate insights.

Our General Business Consulting services address critical business issues, executing strategy and transformation projects across various functions, fostering organizational growth.
Program and Project Management Services (PPMS) Thoucentric' s Program and Project Management Services (PPMS) ensure seamless execution of complex digital innovation projects, contributing to successful outcomes.
Business and Digital Transformation Thoucentric offers a chance to envision ambitious transformations, redefining business and operating models for breakthrough value, tailored to your timeline. We support diverse revamp journeys, from digital transformation to post-M&A integration, collaborating to reshape business roadmaps.
Strategy and Process Excellence Our offering prioritizes customer and employee experience. We modernize processes to enhance effectiveness and productivity, leading to improved external-facing activities and customer experience.

Our Solution - Thoucentric Labs

Our AI-Powered Solutions for Business Success

Demand Forecasting Solution

Traditional demand forecasting tools often lead to inaccurate predictions, causing inventory pile-ups and reduced service levels. thouSense employs advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques, considering internal and external factors for precise forecasts. Learn Moretriangle-arrow-white


Commodity Price Forecasting Solution

PriceVision empowers commodity traders, procurement, and risk teams with intelligent data-driven decisions. Thoucentric prioritizes precise price forecasts over traditional market trend-based approaches for traded commodities.Learn Moretriangle-arrow-white


Predictive Business Planning

Leaders need to gauge organizational readiness for diverse scenarios. thouPlan utilizes advanced analytics, supply chain planning, and event simulation to simulate business performance across multiple scenarios.


Predictive Quality Platform

Quality issues trigger recalls, financial losses, and customer dissatisfaction. PrediQ uses IoT and machine learning for proactive detection and resolution of product defects, cutting rework costs.

Our Key Differentiators
What Makes Us Unique in Business Process Consulting
Unlock Industry

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Our strong focus on creating strategic partnerships enables us to understand new age technologies and keeps us relevant in the ever-evolving industry.

We Deliever Result

Focused on Successful Execution

With over 100+ large successful project delivery. We have exposure to different client landscapes and understand what makes an initiative “successful”.

We Reduce Program

Extension of Client’s Team

It is in our DNA to take ownership of the projects we deliver and take pride in delivering projects as part of the client team.

Our Numbers

By the Numbers: Our Impact in Figures

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