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AWS Well-Architected Review

Tap into the Power of AWS's Best Practices!

The AWS Well-Architected Review serves as a framework for cloud architects to create exceptional applications using AWS. It is akin to a health assessment for your cloud infrastructure. During this review, experts - Xoriant's certified AWS architects, thoroughly examine your system, focusing on aspects like security, reliability, performance, cost-efficiency, and operational procedures. They provide comprehensive insights into the strengths of your setup and areas that could benefit from improvements, assisting in optimizing your architecture for sustained performance and maximizing its potential.
AWS Architected 1 Blueprint for continuous enhancement The Well-Architected Review is not just a one-off evaluation; it's designed for ongoing refinement of your cloud practices.
AWS Architected 2 Practical Guidance for Operational Excellence Get a closer look with an executive summary, a rundown of your setup, and some real-world advice on what needs attention and where you can optimize costs.
AWS Architected 3 Comprehensive AWS Assessment Get a deep dive into your AWS environment with a comprehensive analysis, using the six crucial pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

The review process includes a series of sessions led by AWS certified cloud architects from Xoriant:

AWS Well-Architected
Step 1: Initial Review

During this 30-minute introductory call, Xoriant identifies and prioritizes the workload to be reviewed, asking questions about your current architecture as it relates to the Well-Architected Framework.

Step 2: Well-Architected Review

In this critical 2-hour workshop, Xoriant's cloud architects use the AWS Well-Architected tool to evaluate and assess your current architecture with input from your key stakeholders.

Step 3: Findings + Reports

In a 60-minute review meeting, Xoriant presents findings, indicating which parts of your environment are well-architected, where improvements are needed, and areas with critical risks.

Benefits of the AWS Well-Architected Review
Bulletproof Security and Compliance

Spot vulnerabilities before they become headaches, keeping your AWS environment locked tight.

Insights Backed by Data

Navigate the AWS Well-Architected Framework's Six Pillars with our data-driven recommendations for actionable insights and effective remediation strategies.

Stay Ahead with Modern AWS Standards

Stay competitive by embracing the cutting-edge principles of the Well-Architected Framework.

Optimized Costs and Performance

Ensure your cloud platform not only survives but thrives, steering clear of unnecessary costs, performance glitches, and security concerns.

AWS Well-Architected - Questions frequently asked

What are the key benefits of Xoriant’s AWS Well-Architected Review for my cloud services?

The AWS Well-Architected Review offers bulletproof security and compliance, data-driven insights for optimizing cloud infrastructure, and adherence to modern AWS standards for risk management, ensuring cost-effective deployment and management of computing resources.

How can Amazon Web Services enhance my organization’s cloud architecture and data management?

AWS provides robust cloud architecture frameworks and tools for effective data management, helping prevent data breaches and ensuring sensitive information is protected according to security standards.

What measures does Xoriant take for risk assessments in cloud infrastructure?

Xoriant conducts comprehensive risk assessments focusing on the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework to identify vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations for mitigating risks within your cloud infrastructure.

Can Xoriant’s review improve the cost efficiency of computing resources in my data center?

Yes, the AWS Well-Architected Review helps in designing and implementing a more efficient cloud setup, optimizing costs, and improving the performance of computing resources in your data center.

How does the AWS Well-Architected Review process secure operating systems and sensitive information?

The review process evaluates your operating system and cloud setup against AWS’s security standards, offering practical guidance to enhance the protection of sensitive information and strengthen overall security posture.

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