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IMDG-based Solution Implementation for US-Based Settlement Provider

IMDG Solution Implementation

Client Background

  • Our client is a US-based settlement services provider to its members in the Forex market
  • Their existing data warehouse system comprised of a large volume of data, query times were too slow with inefficient DW management

Xoriant Solution

  • The client needed re-architecture of its current data warehouse system and UI application, which was used as a reporting tool by external users. Xoriant recommended the use of GridGain as IMDG (In-Memory Data Grid) to improve performance and scalability
  • Used GridGain to implement horizontal scaling, data resiliency and disaster recovery
  • Used Confluent to read the messages posted on Apache Kafka topics and update Ignite cache

Key Benefits

  • Improved scalability of the system by 90% handling 100 concurrent users
  • Improved the client’s UI application performance by 97%

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