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Financial Institution Reporting Platform

10 March 2013
Case study
Financial Institution Reporting Platform

Developed a platform for integrating various reporting platforms to deliver standardized reports in a single simple-to- use interface.

Key Requirements

  • New user interface with Uniformity in the layout for the entire platform Allow integrating above 250 reports and dashboards from various servers/portals into a single simplified platform.
  • Enable the users to have access to all the reports in a single simple-to-use interface thus greatly saving their time by going to various portals and getting the reports for their daily operations.
  • Standardize the reports naming conventions, document libraries structure and nomenclature and duplications in reports resulting in a reducing the number of reports hence processing times.

Key Contribution

  • Developed an entirely new User interface that changed the look and feel of the standard SharePoint interface and is extremely user friendly thereby bringing uniformity in the layout for the entire platform and handling webpage fluidity.
  • Analyzed, designed, and developed the customer reporting portal modules, along with the integration of specific attributes for different reporting technologies that included MS SSRS, Tableau, Excel and PDF. The portal allows integrating reports and dashboards from various servers/portals into single portal.
  • Used Microsoft SharePoint portal technology along with Agile / Scrum model of development, elimination of repetitive tasks, and better quality of reports delivery.


  • Achieved greater focus on measuring the longer-term success of the business.
  • Generated a positive benefit in relations with institutional investors.
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Financial Institution Reporting Platform