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Xoriant Rapid Checkout Framework (XRCF)

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Xoriant Rapid Checkout Framework (XRCF)

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Online shopping is spreading its footprint day by day. Almost every merchant has their eCommerce site now a days to grab the online shoppers. To shop online from any website, user has to pass through various phases of checkout flow. Buying process for end user on most eCommerce sites will be to choose from available variants, Input billing, shipping and credit card details, review the order and submit the final order. This can be a repetitive, monotonous and tedious task for buyer.

Xoriant has been involved in optimizing the entire checkout process by providing a "One Click Buy" solution which automates the checkout process. To implement "One Click Buy" solution for each eCommerce site involves significant development effort. This has led to the development of state of the art Xoriant Rapid Checkout Framework (XRCF), which reduces the development time of integrating a new eCommerce site by almost 70%.

The XRCF allows customer application to integrate various Quick buy solutions. It has pre-built connectors to interact with the customer application. The key asset of XRCF is site specific XML files, which contain information like configuration of the headless browser, the way of extracting product information, steps to execute checkout flow etc. XRCF also employs an engine that parses the configurations and commands written in the XML file. Based on the commands, engine configures the Quick buy solution and carries out the checkout flow on eCommerce site.

XRCF Framework


  • Highly configurable
  • Scalable to support various Quick buy solutions
  • Includes various pre-built connectors to interact with customer application


  • Quick integration of any new eCommerce site
  • Any changes in eCommerce site can be quickly captured and fixed without even building/restarting the application server
  • Customer application gets the advantage of using multiple Quick buy solutions at a time and thereby it can support more number of eCommerce sites
  • No major re-engineering efforts due to good architecture design
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