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NLPro Framework

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NLPro Framework

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In today's information driven world, enterprises are faced with ever-increasing volumes of data from varied sources such as documents, emails and social channels. Unlocking intelligence from this unstructured data is daunting, but critical for businesses in a breadth of areas from patent searches and fraud detection to law enforcement and risk assessment.

Xoriant's NLPro framework helps organizations transform unstructured text into usable insights.

NLPro Framework


  • Rules Engine Allows user to define custom rules/logic for input data recognition, concept extraction, etc.
  • Train Module Used to correct false positives/incorrect data and detect attributes by providing feedback to the machine learning model through combination of new rules and templates
  • Templates Predefined templates for common business documents, allows user to save time and avoid errors considerably


The major benefit of using NLPro is that it learns from you! The training module allows you to give new feedback that is then incorporated the next time NLPro analyzes text. Another key benefit is the framework's easy integration with varied data sources (social channels, news sources, emails, etc.) and other subsystems such as OCR, file shares, ftp servers and single-sign on solutions.

  • Continuously improves accuracy and efficiency through machine learning
  • Dramatically reduces manual effort required to process text based information
  • Reduces errors caused by manual processing
  • Provides new insights through analytics of text based information
  • Highly customizable to your specific business process


Unstructured Document Review

  • Identify all valuable information hidden deep within complex reports, documents, etc. via the framework's naltural language processing
  • Avoid manual errors and long process times

Risk Identification

  • Scan and extract predefined risk parameters from the enormous financial, contract and other documents
  • Guarantee high data accuracy while reducing turnaround and processing time

Regulatory Compliance

  • Validate data attributes against predefined regulatory and compliance lists
  • Improve the validation efficiency with each process via the framework's self learning feedback mechanism


A large multinational bank reduced the time to detect high risk transactions by 70%

The bank employed Xoriant's NLPro solution to process hundreds of complex transaction documents, validating it against the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) lists to help meet OFAC compliance more efficiently. (OFAC is mandatory regulatory requirement to ensure transactions are not originating from entities that are subject to sanctions, associated with terror organizations, etc.) NLPro helped identify high risk transactions in 70% less time compared to the bank's prior processing time.

US based consulting organization improves contract processing efficiency by 40% through early detection of contractual entities and obligations

NLPro framework helped the risk assessment organization identify contractual terms and obligations from complex and large contract documents by quick detection of key clauses, dates, etc. This helped them to not miss on risk parameters or attributes hidden in the several annexure documents that came with the contract documents. This enabled the firm process to large documents quickly with fewer review cycles, improving efficiency by 40%.