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The software industry is in a state of flux, influenced by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other Digital Solutions that are forcing organizations to constantly innovate. The challenge to continuously build evolving systems and software should be taken seriously so you can rise above the competition — or else risk losing the attention of your customers.

Common Product Engineering Challenges

Your ultimate goal is to develop profitable products and sustain customer satisfaction. That’s why it is important to know the common hindrances to your business success. Here are some of them:

1. Legacy systems and infrastructure issues

Some enterprises are reluctant to change, especially if they have invested a significant amount of time and resources on their good old legacy systems and infrastructure. Transitioning to modern systems can be daunting and requires time, dedication, and a lot of resources in order to be successful.

2. Time to market and adoption rates

Your competitive advantage and customer retention rates are at stake if it takes too long to bring your product to market. Rapid prototyping lets you experiment and test before implementation so you can accelerate time to market and make more efficient use of your financial resources.

Xoriant’s Product Modernization service makes it possible to drive top line growth and bottom line efficiency while maintaining your competitive edge among the competition. Our team of experts has the technology know-how and experience to help you achieve the benefits of modernization while mitigating disruption.

3. Adequate software-specific expertise

With the proliferation of digital technologies like automation, IoT and artificial intelligence, most IT teams get left behind because they lack the required skills to operate in these environments. On the side of service providers, deep knowledge in these emerging technologies as well as enterprise tools and platform development are a unique differentiator especially for those companies that are willing to outsource such services.

Xoriant is a reliable partner when it comes to Product and Technology Consulting. Our expert team can help you assess your environment and determine the best technology to achieve your goals. With our strong network of key technology players and cutting-edge start-ups and platform partners, you can have the confidence to deploy next-generation products.

4. Integration and interface issues

By now, consumers are used to experiencing seamless, intuitive experiences in their everyday applications. But delivering the best experience is increasingly challenging given that new platforms and interfaces come to market every day.

With Xoriant’s cross-platform Experience Design, users can expect their experience to be the same whether on a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or on any other device or platform. Our expert team is well-versed in experimenting and integrating on a range of interfaces including conversational interfaces, augmented reality and mixed reality, and embedded interfaces for IoT.

5. Numerous software iterations and bug testing

The testing phase is critical to the product lifecycle to ensure that the actual outcome meets the intended outcome. Though it is common to detect issues or bugs throughout the testing phase, it is paramount that these issues are fixed and retested before going live to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Xoriant’s Product Lifecycle services have over two decades of experience in extensive testing for various verticals, across platforms, for functional, non-functional, mobile, cloud and performance testing. Our Xoriant Test Automation Framework (XTAF) is a cost-effective solution for automation of testing processes and we provide multi-location and distributed testing, a QA lab and flexible test approaches.

Effectively planning for every new product development initiative can help lessen the impact of the above mentioned challenges. Whether you’re looking for next-generation technology expertise or a team to maintain existing products while you build new ones, having a partner like Xoriant at your side will help you achieve your goals. Talk to us!

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