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Software Product Development and innovation - Xoriant

Whether you create technology products or use them to implement business solutions for your company, all technical leaders confront the complexities brought on by rapidly evolving digital technologies and business models, shorter deadlines, and limited resources. They must work through multiple obstacles in order to deliver innovation.

From core development, testing and DevOps, to making data digitally available, or migrating to the cloud, your infrastructure is in a state of constant flux. Whether it’s integrating new applications and technologies; modernizing software products to extend availability; or reformatting apps to be sold through new channels, the complexity keeps increasing. And, in the midst of all this change, you’re tasked with transforming old ways of working and delivering digital-ready products, while introducing modern methods, frameworks, and technologies.

Xoriant is here to help. Wherever and whenever it’s needed. Robustness, Extensibility and Continuity are guaranteed.


Your technology choices and capabilities should provide durability, reliability and a longer lifetime of return on investment. In other words, have you ensured that it is built to last?


Have you enabled easy expansion, connectivity, integration, and interoperability with your internal and external hardware and software ecosystems – legacy or new?


Can you promise that your business can depend on current and future usefulness of your software or solution across globally diverse versions and environments?

Digital Product Engineering

Digital Product Engineering

Your enterprise customers are focused on their digital-first journey. Are your products ready to help them achieve their most ambitious goals? To play in their digital enterprise, your software must be Scalable, Future-Ready, Extensible, Flexible and Connectable with next-gen technologies, popular platforms and ecosystems. Traditional engineering approaches cannot deliver these modern capabilities.

When you partner with Xoriant, you benefit from Digital Product Engineering – a new-age engineering methodology which combines new and emerging digital technologies, frameworks and expertise to help you get there. FAST.

Digital Product Engineering not only promises engineering efficiency and rapid time to market, it also delivers a higher-quality product with extended lifetime value. It focuses on ensuring your products are DevOps-based, rigorously-tested and future-ready to perform in constantly changing digital environments. This agility and extensibility boosts adoption and customer loyalty, while enabling new business models that lead to new sources of revenue and greater ROI.

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