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Improve the Speed and Operational Efficiency of Your Enterprise Invoice Processing


Organizations use automation to augment their strengths and empower people to focus on what's important. Transform your slow, manual, traditional paper-intensive invoice processing with the power of OCR and automation. X·CELERATE Invoice automates invoice processing and reconciliation using Amazon Textract.

The Xoriant X·CELERATE Invoice solution integrates with your current workflow and enterprise systems such as Finance, ERP and Procurement software. The solution has a built-in smart learning system to improve its accuracy over time as it learns from human oversight and has an intuitive customizable user interface. Using the automated invoice processing solution, large enterprises can experience simplified business processes, reduce the turnaround time, and achieve increased accuracy.

X-Celerate Invoice workflow
X-Celerate Invoice workflow Mobile
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Mahal Mohan
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Enterprises can benefit from automated systems that can read, validate, and process data from different document types including hand-written notes. Xoriant X·CELERATE Invoice is a smart solution leveraging Amazon Textract to eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry and improve the speed and operational efficiency of your enterprise invoice processing and reconciliation.”

Manual Processing of Invoices Is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

Let X·CELERATE Invoice Simplify Your Process, Reduce Turnaround Time, and Increase Accuracy

Save Time, Lower Cost

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Lower your costs through automated invoice processing.

Automated Learning

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Human guided training happens automatically during invoice review and correction.

Easy to Customize

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Low-code customization, role-based workflows, and integration with your existing systems.

Flexible Deployment Options

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Deployed in your AWS cloud or data center (hybrid cloud).

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Learn About the Xoriant-AWS Partnership
Brochure -Automate Invoice Processing


Automate Invoice Processing Using Amazon Textract
Video - X.CELERATE Invoice


Xoriant X·CELERATE Invoice Solution With Amazon Textract