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Addressing Big Data Challenges - The Hadoop Way

Xoriant Marketing
Big Data Challenges The Hadoop Way

Presented by Xoriant Oct 15, 2014
Big Data is the most discussed keyword in all organizations globally, with leaders looking to gain deeper and more accurate insights of Big Data for serious decision-making. If you are unsure of how to leverage Big Data and select among the many technologies surrounding it, don’t worry - you aren't alone.

This short webinar will help you to know how to address your Big Data challenges and draw insights from your Big Data repository.

It will assist you to learn:

  • About the emergence of Enterprise Data Hub / Data Lake paradigm
  • How to navigate through the fragmented big data environment to take advantage of market opportunities
  • How to offload data to Hadoop for increased performance and significant cost savings
  • To optimize your enterprise data architecture with Hadoop

Avail a free one hour consultation to understand if your organization needs to start thinking about Big Data based on your unique environment.