Maintaining Your Competitive Edge in the Age of the Customer

For most creators of technology, the Age of the Customer presents both tough challenges and exciting opportunities. Customers are increasingly powerful, and what they get from the likes of Facebook or WhatsApp they expect to get from you, too. And they want it today. That puts tremendous pressure on engineering teams to deliver more functionality, more quickly. But it also provides the business rationale for developing truly cutting-edge products.

Xoriant can help you confront those challenges and realize those opportunities, whether you’re looking for next-generation technology expertise or a team to maintain existing products while you build new ones. We’ve been developing, growing and supporting products across the lifecycle for 30 years. Across six leading technology practice areas, more than 1500 product engineers call Xoriant home. 40 percent of our revenue comes from technology creators like you – from digital startups to billion-dollar juggernauts. For all, we’re committed to our clients as partners, in it together for the long haul.

Across The Product Lifecycle, Xoriant Helps You Compete

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Next-Generation Technology Expertise

Across six technology practice areas, we stay ahead of the tech curve, investing in learning the next-gen technologies that accelerate time to market and keep you competitive. That’s why clients look to us for best practices and expertise in those areas – from concept to launch.

Delivery Capability Across the Entire Product Lifecycle

We have the proven capability to help you with the entire modernization journey – or just a particular stage. Our organizational structures and culture of innovation mean you get high-level, technically proficient people to help you solve your toughest challenges.

A Right-Size Partner for the Long Term

Xoriant is the best of both worlds: large enough with a proven ability to scale rapidly, but small enough with a culture of agility to work alongside you every step of the way, doing whatever it takes to get the best product to market in the least amount of time.

A Strong Network of Technology Partners

We work with the latest technology software and platforms, such as Hadoop, Cloudera, OpenStack, Splunk, Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, as just a few examples, and that is experience we bring to bear for you.

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