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Next-Gen Software in the Age of the Customer


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The Age of the Customer presents unparalleled opportunities for independent software, systems, and appliances vendors. By developing products that work seamlessly with modern technologies, customer infrastructures, and third-party software, you can increase efficiency, agility, and profitability across today’s integrated value chains and ecosystems.

The challenge is to stay at the forefront of technology innovations while winning the war on scalability, security, performance, and usability. As a dedicated ISV partner, Xoriant brings decades of advanced engineering expertise to help modernize your products and systems, and deliver the software your customers need to win in the digital marketplace.

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 Ideation & Innovation

Ideation, Innovation & Strategy
Ideation, Innovation
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Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement
Cloud Enablement

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Modern Customer Experience
Modern Customer

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Ecosysytem Engineering

Ecosystem & Platform

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DevOps, Automation &
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Sanjeev Jorapur Testimonial
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Sanjeev Jorapur
VP of Engineering
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“Xoriant has been our partner since 2007. Their engineering team is integral to our development, quality assurance, and operations and has been involved heavily in design, development, testing, and roll out across the engineering journey of our product.”


Partner With Xoriant and X·CELERATE Your Product Engineering

Engineering DNA With Product Pedigree

Our organizational structure and Engineering DNA ensure you benefit from technically proficient, high-performing teams.

Global Delivery Capability Across Product Lifecycle

From strategic design through product extensibility, we’ve been developing, modernizing and supporting software solutions for 30 years. More than 4000 product engineers contribute to six technology practice areas for technology creators like you, whether you are a digital-native startup or a multibillion-dollar behemoth.

A Strong Network of Technology Partners

We are experts in the leading technology software and platforms, such as Hadoop, Cloudera, OpenStack, Splunk, Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and we bring that knowledge and experience to every engagement.

Technology Expertise

We stay ahead of the tech curve by investing in learning the next-gen technologies that accelerate time to market and keep you competitive.


Unique processes and frameworks are conceived in our labs and made available to our employees through training and knowledge management systems to ensure efficient, cost-effective and accelerated delivery.

Industry Knowledge

Proven ecosystem expertise and experience building, testing and certifying across product extensions across key platforms and applications.

Co-Ideation and
Rapid Prototyping

Our proof-of-concept (POC) approach speeds time to market and makes more efficient use of your financial resources. Through our Innovation Lab, we're able to experiment and test before implementation, optimizing technology fit and minimizing disruption.

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Advanced Product Engineering Insights

The Impact of Cloud

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It is imperative for ISVs to choose a robust platform for their current and future success. The impact on developing and delivering cloud software is profound – for ISVs and their end-customers.

Source: IDC

Top 4 Cloud platforms will host 80% of IAAS/PAAS deployments by 2022.

Innovation on the Cloud

Product Engineering Grid Image 2

By 2022, the acceleration of legacy app modernization will lead to 35% of production apps being cloud-native — utilizing microservices, containers, and dynamic orchestration. Given the market momentum, ISVs should postilion themselves today to help customers modernize and AI-enable existing apps.

Source: IDC

By 2022, 60% of G2000 enterprises will be AI-enabled.

Accelerated Development

Product Engineering Grid Image 3

As the pace of innovation quickens, speed and agility are essential for ISVs to stay relevant and compete effectively. PaaS environments are becoming the preferred foundation for many digital transformation projects as a result. IDC studies show that using a PaaS environment can cut the application development cycle by 30% to 50%.

Source: IDC

By 2021, 70% of new applications will be developed as cloud-native.

Low-Code Development Platforms

Product Engineering Grid Image 4

Low-code development platforms will reshape how software engineers fit into the larger organization.

Source: Forrester

One-third of software professionals will use low-code platforms.

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