Visualize the Opportunities Lying within Your Data

The continuous streams of data generated by your business represent challenges and opportunities. Advanced visualization keeps the data fire hose from becoming chaotic. Pulling together the information from your wide range of sources and creating a visible framework for understanding assures that your data can be turned into focused insights. You can’t act on what you can’t see. That’s where Xoriant comes in. Our visualization turns complex data into understandable graphs and charts that effectively convey the ideas behind the data.

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Visualization Consulting

Our visualization team performs an organization-wide assessment of your existing data and business requirements in order to recommend visualization strategies. We create a framework to integrate BI tools with big data in order to extract the most intelligence from any given data set.

Rapid Prototyping & Visualizations

BI apps and dashboards allow you to communicate your metrics across the organization. From proof of concept to full development, our developers create visualization tools that help you align your KPIs with your business goals.

Visual Analysis Design & Development

With a design team dedicated to UI/UX and mobile visualization, we create clear and engaging analytical applications and visual stories to communicate complex information in a simplified way.

Big Data Tools & Accelerators

Big Data Ingestion Platform (XDIP)

Master Data Management Framework (XMDMF)

NLPro – NLP & Text Analytics Platform

Visualization Framework (XVF)

Advanced Analytics Platform

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