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For enterprises and ISVs, big data analytics offers the opportunity to gather and analyze large amounts of data in order to uncover insights that help the business stay agile and competitive. With machine learning, organizations can realize additional value through continuous learning as well as automation and business optimization. Xoriant can help, with expertise in the leading edge Big Data & Analytics technologies and platforms. We can both nimbly execute prototypes and scale the solutions that work – to get you to value faster.

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Problem Solving Mindset

At Xoriant we deliver actionable solutions, not just skillsets. We have a true focus on the problem you’re trying to solve and we understand there is not a one-size solution to every challenge. At the foundation of our problem-solving mindset is a solution-oriented culture and teams of great technical talent – experienced engineers and data scientists with in-depth expertise across a broad variety of toolkits and technologies.

Proof of Concept Approach with Scalability

We take a proof of concept approach to solving your business challenges. That enables us to iterate to the most effective solution and enables you to expend resources most efficiently. At the same time, we are able to quickly scale the solutions that work. You don’t have to take our word that we can develop the solution to your challenge; give us the challenge and let us prove to you we can build the solution.

Product Engineering Pedigree

Having spent 25 years in Silicon Valley building technology products, we know technology. We have the experience to identify the right technology and the technical expertise to build, integrate and scale it to deliver an end-to-end solution to your business challenge. Having solved big data challenges for many clients, we have built our own IP; these technologies serve as accelerators, enabling us to solve your challenges more efficiently.

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For Fortune 100 Global Bank, Big Data Solution for Reporting and Analytics on Credit Card Data Processing Ensures Regulatory Compliance

For Fortune 100 Networking Giant, Migration of Traditional ETL Solution to Hadoop Enables Faster Decision Making and Reduces Costs

For Telco, Prediction Modeling Improves Marketing Based on Consumer Behavior and Marketing Intelligence

For Fortune 100 Global Bank, Hybrid Data Warehouse/Data Lake Enables Reporting and Analytics Platform Along with Data Storage, Archival and Backup

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