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Focus Your Human Capital Where It Matters… on Your Customers!

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You need operational speed and agility to get modern products into customers’ hands—from cloud-native application development through product lifecycle management. However, new technologies can reveal an IT skills gap, leading to errors, downtime, and training backlog.

Decades of experience building, testing, and implementing high-tech software products have positioned Xoriant at the forefront of many technology paradigms. From product design strategy to lifecycle extension to cloud-native development, we can help you make it all work.

Software Product Engineering and Product Consulting Services in Multiple Segments of the High-Tech Industry

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Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment Companies

Advancements in IoT are challenging manufacturers to innovate and compete in a world where smart sensors, big data, and edge computing are the norm. As the demand for new products heats up, a trusted advisor with IoT experience can help redefine your processes and systems and find ways to foster agility across an increasingly complex value chain.

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Systems and Software Companies

New devices, channels, and digital experiences are driving demand in B2B and B2C markets. As a tech provider, you have to stay ahead of the pack to attract new business and fend off agile upstarts.

Xoriant will evaluate your legacy systems and processes, and assess opportunities where cloud computing, emerging tech, and application modernization could increase operational efficiency and extend your market reach. Our world-class consulting and engineering services draw on our broad experience and fresh thinking to provide:

  • Development and testing of virtualized and cloud applications for networking, storage, and graphics subsystems.
  • Application and product development from an end-user perspective.
  • Application/systems security, ecosystem engineering.
  • Insights on emerging technologies with open-source.
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Networking/Datacom Equipment Companies

From mobile broadband to network infrastructure to the evolution of IoT and edge computing, we give you access to professionals with meaningful, hands-on experience helping networking companies modernize their products and business operations. Our specialists are well versed in several critical industry issues, including IoT/M2M, consumer usage trends, spectrum, payments and vertical-market opportunities. Including, but not limited to:

  • High tech software product development Design/development of a comprehensive channel marketing portal.
  • Connectivity with internal ERP and CRM systems and various data marts.
  • Analytics/cloud/digital experience/CXO apps and custom dashboards.
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Product and Process Modernization

To take advantage of today’s hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, your company needs to stay ahead of the demand curve by modernizing its operating models, products, and processes. Xoriant will help you maximize the agility and operational efficiency of your cloud architecture to control costs and fuel profitability in your target markets with:

  • Ecosystems engineering and hyper-scale interoperability labs
  • Application and technology support for middleware and database environments in a world-class manufacturing lab
  • Capabilities to identify and quickly leverage cloud services and IoT opportunities

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Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics

Data and analytics leaders must ensure that an integrated governance program covers self-service, IoT and decentralized analytics. By 2022, augmented analytics will be ubiquitous, but still, only 10% of analysts will leverage its potential.

Source: Gartner

Augmented analytics technology will be ubiquitous but underutilized.

Align for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The alignment of the critical domains of operational technology (OT), engineering technology (ET) and information technology (IT) is essential to generate innovation and sustainable growth. However, success will require higher levels of data and software governance, nimbleness and interoperability.

Domain alignment is the formula for sustainable growth and innovation.

Securing Supply Chain

Cloud Data

Securing the software supply chain will be a core competency embraced by 75% of large digital innovators by 2023.

Source: IDC

Is securing the software supply chain your core competency?

Outcome as a Service Focus

Open API Ecosystems

By 2026, 30% of software development teams will be focused on turning traditional products into outcomes as a service.

Source: IDC

Are you planning to turn products into outcome as a service?

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Case Study 1
Case Study

Boosted performance, reliability, stability and achieved easy maintainability with the use of latest React Native technology.

Case Study 2
Case Study

Creation of this dashboard being a fresh development, we achieved a query latency of 5 seconds, which covers data ingestion, data visualization and remediation.

Case Study 3
Case Study

Improved response time from Security Analysts. Creation of this dashboard being a fresh development, we achieved a query latency of 5 seconds, which covers data ingestion, data visualization and remediation.