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Migration & Enhancement of Online Trade Management System (OTMS)

Xoriant Marketing
Data Migration

Key Requirements

  • Standardize source code control system to SCCS
  • Add scripts for Package installation for multiple environments like Development, UAT & Production.
  • Add standard headers to all source files. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Xoriant was responsible for entire migration & unit testing of OTMS application
  • Xoriant also deployed on-site resource to act as a bridge between The client and the offshore development team, to facilitate the execution of tasks as well as take advantage of time zone difference
  • Dedicated resource was assigned for tasks of configuration management, Packaging, Release Management and Defect Analysis and Reporting.Know More >>


  • Standardize source code control system to SCCS
  • Centralize the environment variables used in the code
  • Centralize FTP Server Names and User names. Know More >>

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