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Xoriant Mobility Extension Framework

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Xoriant Mobility Extension Framework

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Xoriant has developed a proprietary framework, Xoriant Mobility Extension Framework (XMEF) for hybrid mobile applications to handle all UI and widgets related interactions with broad range of common native mobile UI components and java script libraries.

XMEF is a combination of Ionic and chocolate-chip framework, with GulpJs, NodeJS and AngularJS. It can be plugged into any hybrid web application, which uses cloud based compatible builds for iOS, Android or Windows applications.

This framework has vastly simplified the development process, shortened the release times, enhanced product quality and improved team confidence in building these applications.

The framework generates test results in the HTML format thereby making it an easy to access and analyze and debug the issues. It generates log files to catch the critical errors and performance metrics, which can be used to improve the framework.



  • It provides various mobile UI elements and layouts with native SDK on iOS or Android.
  • It is a powerful tool to build mobile applications that eclipse the existing HTML5 development frameworks.
  • XMEF acts as cohesive pieces to build native and hybrid apps with web standards.
  • It has a wide range of layouts, widgets and programming patterns to help you create mobile Web apps quickly and easily.
  • It is an open source Framework, not sold commercially, but used as proven knowledge repository for organization (Xoriant).


  • Reduces build and deployment time by 30%
  • Pluggable components allow to extend the modules and / or creating a new module altogether
  • Reduces leakage of bugs at the production level.
  • Ensures consistency in products developed using the framework.
  • It lets you package applications into multiple frameworks once you're done developing, which saves time that might be spent rewriting code.
  • It gives you a lot of pre-generated app setups that can get you started quickly with a simple layout.