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Xoriant Cloud Management and Deployment (XCMD)

Xoriant Marketing

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Xoriant has been giving high end technical services to its customers with services based over cloud infrastructure across multiple technologies. Xoriant's experience in software creation, integration, management, and maintenance helps the business and IT divisions within these companies remain agile, mitigate risk, and innovate for tomorrow.

In the work of optimization Xoriant has facilitated large telecom service providers integrate complex services across regions and countries to cater the need of growing demand of mobile application with cloud management and deployment framework.

The core component of this platform are Configuration Integrator™, Build Manager™ and Cloud Deployment Engine (CDE) that provides the use of complex tools such to create a seamless and highly scalable management solution.


  • Built using industry standard architectures and technologies.
  • Provides "reference implementations" of end-to-end solutions to minimize the risks.
  • Flexibility to replicate from Open source to Customer preferred technology.
  • Can be auto scaled as per the need of business.


  • Aggregation of customer information across systems and across locations.
  • Obtain accurate, timely and contextual information about a customer.
  • Protect the investment in current technology, front and back-office systems.
  • No major re-engineering efforts.