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Enriched Media Content Delivery (EMCD)

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Enriched Media Content Delivery

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In the current era of connected world using internet and mobility with all types of different content and browsers. There’s a need to enhance the end user experience over different types of handset with different device resolution and Mobile Applications in Android and iOS.

Xoriant has been involved in providing unified content delivery varied web browsers and application environments. The knowledge and experience gained by our engagement team and technical personnel has led to the development of Enriched Media Content Delivery (EMCD) framework. It is a network-centric service center for multimedia message handling. It includes multi-layer processing functions allowing content providers easy deployment and operation of multimedia services, such as Web, e-mail, streaming, MMS and RTSP. It allows seamless integration with existing nodes by acting as a mediation gateway between network nodes and elements. This configuration allows smoother and improved user experience with minimal changes in network configuration.

Enriched Media Content Delivery


  • Highly configurable and built using industry standard architectures and technologies
  • Provides "reference implementations" of end-to-end solutions to minimize the risks
  • Flexibility to replicate from Open source to Customer preferred technology
  • It is not sold as license software, but, as proven knowledge repository


  • Quick integration with customer's existing network design
  • Enhancing the customer experience with any media across systems and across devices
  • Optimize and Adapt accurately with contextual information fetched from the device and media
  • Protect the media with the right attributes and deliver the content to the end user