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In the aviation sector, gate management is a high-powered example of how efficiency and meticulous process optimization are a must-have. Gate delays can trigger disruptive ripples across an airline’s entire operation, from the airport to the tarmac, impacting flight schedules and consequently denting the customer experience. Precise gate management is not only critical but non-negotiable. 

Microsoft Teams, in collaboration with Xoriant as its system integration partner, introduced "Turn Time at the Gate," a solution that enables frontline workers to maximize precision in gate operations and transform the passenger experience.

The gate management solution promises to improve operational efficiency, shorten turnaround times, save substantial costs from disruptions and enhance the overall passenger travel experience. In addition, the solution will empower airlines to make promising progress towards achieving its sustainability objectives.

Through its transformative partnerships, Microsoft is reshaping gate management practices, fostering innovation in the airline industry. This endeavor also marks Xoriant's foray into the aviation sector, where it leverages its technological expertise to cater to a diverse customer base.

An Opportunity to Leverage Xoriant’s Capabilities in Microsoft Apps

Xoriant contributed extensively to building multiple standout features centered around leveraging live data and developing frameworks. One of the solution’s standout features integrates the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize chat discussions in Teams and enable gate staff to swiftly extract key insights for real-time decision-making.

AI predictive assessments anticipate delays using real-time data, allowing proactive measures to prevent disruptions. These AI insights improve operational efficiency, shorten turnaround times, and enhance the passenger travel experience.

Some of the essential features of the Turn Time at the Gate solution include:

Live Data: Powered by Azure Open AI, this solution delivers immediate insights into gate operations, empowering airlines to make data-driven decisions that significantly boost operational efficiency.

Uninterrupted Communication: Integrated communication tools within Microsoft Teams foster seamless interactions among gate staff, cabin crew, and essential personnel. This effective communication ensures a well-coordinated and highly efficient turnaround process.

Elevated Passenger Experience: A streamlined turnaround process directly translates to an improved passenger experience. Travelers can enjoy faster boarding, punctual departures, and reliable connections, resulting in reduced stress and a more enjoyable journey.

Development of a Gen AI Solution

Xoriant’s rooted experience in Microsoft Apps was leveraged for the development of a groundbreaking solution integrated into Microsoft Teams. It empowers Teams users to harness the capabilities of generative AI directly within their collaborative environment.

Microsoft’s Teams is well known for providing a collaborative space where multiple people can view and refine the same prompt output, and its integration will allow the solution to go further. 

Some of the key highlights of the generative AI solution include:

  • A powerful GPT-driven assistant for content generation and advanced queries
  • Enhances productivity in report writing, document summarization, information retrieval, and creativity
  • Seamlessly integrates with Teams for security and compliance
  • Easy management of multiple GPT service instances
  • Accelerates value for Teams users by leveraging generative AI and LLMs for business solutions

David Jaworski, Principal Products Manager, Microsoft Teams Engineering, said, “We're thrilled to have Xoriant as a partner on the 'Turn Time at the Gate' solution. Xoriant's expertise in AI, data, and the intricacies of the Microsoft tech stacks have been instrumental in bringing this transformative solution to life. Together, we're setting our sights on a future where aviation operations are more efficient and passenger experiences are elevated to new heights.”

Xoriant is proud to emphasize that the gate management solution represents far more than a technological achievement; it signifies our industry's unwavering dedication to innovation and the enhancement of the passenger journey.

Through our strategic collaboration, alongside Microsoft Teams, we are poised to redefine efficiency, reliability, and passenger satisfaction in air travel. The aviation industry can look forward to a brighter, more efficient future, all made possible through this remarkable partnership.

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